About AM bottle

The Idea for AMBottle came to us when we saw how much plastic bottles we are using at the office and tried to search for a reusable alternative. The quality and design of other reusable bottles was appalling so we decided to embark on this journey to create our own product that our team would love and use as their daily-driver.

At first we thought about using a plastic bottle design but that somehow felt as cheating. Plastic did not have good enough material properties to create a thermal bottle that would not just be reusable but also would keep the contents inside Hot or Cold depending on the circumstances. And because of that we chose stainless steel as the main material as it is not that expensive but can be worked into whatever shape would fit the design constraints.

As some of out team members are also avid outdoor fans we needed to think about a sturdy cup that would not break easily even when dropping the bottle from considerable height. So we also chose a stainless steel cup with a silicone ring as not using plastic components was our main objective.

To make it even more attractive we added a bamboo cover on top of the cork with an engraved logo and also a handle so it would be easy to take AMBottle everywhere we go. But actually the most difficult part was finding the right color because no design can be complete without the right color that would be appealing to most people. So after trying dozens of shades we finally found the color that we call “Deep Blue” that looks good either in office or on a trekking trip in mountains.

We are proud of the end result and hope that you also will like it as much as we do!